PRODUCTS - Klorak Degreaser

Klorak Degreaser

Removes the toughest of grease and grime stains in seconds.

Alkaline enriched professional formula and the super-fast degreasing effect ensures that even the most persistent oil stains easily flow away. Also offers perfect cleaning.

Usage: On ovens & stoves, aspirators, deep fryers, steel pots, pans, coffeepots, kitchen cabinets, aluminum material and car wheel rims.

Not suitable for Inox surfaces. Use with caution on plastics and painted surfaces.

Prod. Volume/
Net Weight
Product Barcode  Quantity
Per Carton
750ml / 765g 869-746409-347-5 12 869-746409-348-2
3920ml / 4000g 869-746409-415-1 4 869-746409-416-8


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