PRODUCTS - Klorak Kitchen Cleaner (with bleach*)

Klorak Kitchen Cleaner (with bleach*)

Cleans all surfaces deeply and thoroughly, provides hygiene.

Cleans all your kitchen surfaces deeply and thoroughly. Provides perfect hygiene with its bleach added special formula.

Usage: On kitchen surfaces including kitchen closets, ovens & stoves, aspirators, dining tables, chopping boards, countertop, door handles, highchairs, dustbins, ceramic and tile kitchen surfaces and refrigerators.

Not suitable for Inox or stainless steel surfaces. Use with caution on plastics and painted surfaces.


Prod. Volume/
Net Weight
Product Barcode  Quantity
Per Carton
750ml / 765g 869-746409-351-2 12 869-746409-352-9

*Our Kitchen Cleaner, is the first kitchen cleaner with bleach among all Turkish brands.

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