PRODUCTS - Klorak Surface Cleaner - Lavander Breeze

Technical Data Sheet

Klorak Surface Cleaner - Lavander Breeze

Cleans flawlessly, leaves a pleasant scent.

Achieves impressive cleaning results on marble, granite and vinyl surfaces with its superior formula. Surrounding your home with persistent, fresh natural fragrances.

Usage: On dirty and greasy windows, mirrors, glass, porcelain, ceramics, optics, crystal, windshields, plastics, MDF or wooden surfaces. All other washable surfaces.

Prod. Volume/
Net Weight
Product Barcode  Quantity Per Carton Carton
1000ml / 990g 869-746409-030-6 12 869-746409-312-3
5000ml / 4950g 869-746409-295-9 3 869-746409-235-5


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