PRODUCTS - Klorak Glass Cleaner

Technical Data Sheet

Klorak Glass Cleaner

Dazzling shine, no stains. Prevents condensation.

For sparkling brightness on glass and similar surfaces. With its advanced technology; Klorak Glass Cleaner prevents condensation and does not leave hard water stains.

Usage: On dirty and greasy windows, mirrors, glass, porcelain, ceramics, optics, crystal, windshields, plastics, MDF or wooden surfaces. All other washable surfaces.

Prod. Volume/
Net Weight
Product Barcode  Quantity Per Carton Carton
975ml / 970g 869-746409-326-0 12 869-746409-325-3
500ml + 900ml 869-746409-012-2 8 869-746409-561-5


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