PRODUCTS - Klorak Bleach

Technical Data Sheet

Klorak Bleach

Whitens laundry, provides long lasting hygiene.

Our iconic product has been in the Turkish market since 1960 and has become a generic name for bleach in our region. Top-notch quality has been consistent over the years.


Usage: Laundry use (cotton or linen), hand wash or machine wash, surface and water disinfection.


Prod. Volume/
Net Weight
Product Barcode  Quantity
Per Carton
940ml / 1000g 869-746409-000-9 12 869-746409-101-3
2000ml / 2120g 869-746409-319-2 6 869-746409-318-5
3500ml / 3720g 869-746409-002-3 4 869-746409-103-7
4245ml / 4500g 869-746409-393-2 3 869-746409-394-9


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