Klorak is a 60 years old brand in the Turkish cleaning products market. Back in the 1960's, as a pioneering manufacturer of bleach in this region of Turkey, Klorak has gained customer appreciation and established a strong brand to become a generic name for bleach in Aegean region. Most locals still prefer to call bleach "Klorak" even if it is from another brand.




Expanding its range over the years Klorak brand today offers a wide variety of household cleaning products and is proud to be working with leading retailers in the Turkish market. Increasing its production capacity gradually over the last decade, the company has also become a private label manufacturer for some major Turkish companies and an exporter of liquid cleaning products serving clients all over the world.


Satisfying consumers’ needs by offering market leading product quality at reasonable pricing. Integrating innovation to our products and services. Sharing our market leading know-how to help customers build awareness and achieve better results in hygiene and cleanliness.


Offering hygiene and cleanliness solutions to improve the life quality of consumers worldwide.


  • Putting Customers First
  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration