Klorak Kimya is growing by everyday thanks to our customers with a continuously developing structure by adapting the innovations of nowadays. Klorak Kimya is employing ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Quality Management systems in order to provide better quality services to customers. Furthermore, functioning of quality management system is continuously monitored by means of Customer Audits carried every year along with TSE Certifications and targets to improve to the best level possible by developing it.


By means of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, the Company targeted to:


                *provide better quality service by understanding customer desires,


                *establish a production system developing the quality of production continuously,


                *develop quality control system in order to enhance product quality continuously,


                *cooperate with better suppliers by means of Supplier Evaluation and Management System,


                *keep Management within quality operations by means of Management review meetings.


Environmental Permits are obtained; by means of ISO 14001 Environment Management System it is targeted to:


                *establish factory infrastructure free from negative impacts on environment,


                *use alternative raw materials not harmful or less harmful for environment in place of hazardous materials for environment, 


                *raise environmental awareness in the employees.


By means of OHSAS 18001  Occupational Health and Safety Management System, we target;


                *to continuously inform and train our employees about HSE issues,


                *to protect our employees from potential occupational accidents by means of continuous improvements made,


                *to conduct studies to minimize potential risks of accidents. 




Klorak Kimya is working with leading chemical raw material suppliers of the world. Along with the support of suppliers and thanks to our dynamic R&D culture, we are carrying studies to supply best fitting and quality products to our customers.    


In order to provide better quality products to our customers, we are carrying regular quality control activities by developing our laboratory. TSE standards, renewed market dynamics and consumer expectations constitute the basis of our quality standards.


Quality Laboratory