Cleaning at Work

  • You can also use KLORAK DIRT & STAIN REMOVER at the ground cleaning. KLORAK DIRT & STAIN REMOVER makes your parquets and the breaks of the parquets totally clean and shiny.
  • To disinfect your water reservoir and stores at schools and factories, you can use KLORAK BLEACH.
  • If you wash the woven carpets and rugs with madder with KLORENK STAIN REMOVER, you will be able to see that the colors are not mixed at all.
  • With KLORAK DEGREASER SPRAY, you can get rid off the grease, dirt and all the dust that appear on the back panel of your refrigerator. Use the spray and then wipe it with dry rag.
  • KLORAK TILE CLEANER makes the breaks of the tiles clean without any harm.
  • In factories, oil  residuals on machines can be eliminated by spraying KLORAK DEGREASER SPRAY. After two or three minutes of waiting, you can wipe the surface and you will see that it is perfectly clean.
  • In car wash places, you can apply KLORAK DEGREASER to car engines that can not be cleaned with water.
  • You can clean stubborn stains on the car upholstery with KLORENK STAIN REMOVER or NIL-ASPRINN.
  • You can clean the lime in the water cauldrons with KLORAK LIME REMOVER easily in a short time.