Kitchen Cleaning

  • With KLORAK DEGREASER SPRAY, you can remove the grease, dirt and all dust that appear on the back panel of your refrigerator. Use the spray and then wipe it with dry rag.
  • In order to remove the label tracks on your small kitchen appliances, spray KLORAK DEGREASER SPRAY on them and then wipe with soft rag.
  • By using KLORAK DEGREASER, you can clean the burned pans and pots.
  • By pouring little amount of KLORAK BLEACH or KLORAK ULTRA BLEACH to your dishwasher, you can disinfect your dishes.
  • When you wipe the kitchen ground with KLORENK STAIN REMOVER, your floors will be shiny without any spots.
  • When you wipe all surfaces in your kitchen with KLORAK KITCHEN CLEANER (WITH BLEACH), you clean all dirts and disinfect the surfaces. 
  • When you wipe your kitchen cabinets with NIL ASPRINN, they will be cleaner than ever.